Hello & welcome to Pranita Kocharekar’s online cosy space.
Are you here for the first time and are wondering who is Pranita? 
Pranita Kocharekar began her career in 2014 as an independent artist. She grew up in a family full of artists where the walls of her home became her canvas. As she grew older, she learnt the language of visuals and as of today excels at expressing herself through visuals. By profession, Pranita is a graphic designer, type designer and also a self-taught illustrator and letterer. She documents her thoughts and observations every day on her public journal – Instagram. She has collaborated with multiple brands on various campaigns. (You can view her portfolio here.)

Pranita wanted to be an entrepreneur since the age of 6. Along with a friend, she drew hand made cards for all occasions and set up a pop-up shop. Carrying forward this childhood dream, Pranita began creating products with immense love and care with the intent to reach an audience beyond her neighbourhood.  The products are fun with a touch of humourous but most importantly, ones that spread happiness & care. They are designed for everyone- a gift for yourself or your friend/sibling/family/lover/pet/neighbour/stranger! After the designs are ready, our hard working vendors invest their time and love into manufacturing each product. Pranita then inspects them through her massive magnifying glasses and spectacles and sprinkles some love before shipping them out.

We hope you have a magical experience on our small and cosy space. If you would like to contact us for an enquiry, suggestions or just to say hello, head over to the contact page, or drop us a line at hello@pranita-kocharekar.com
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